tickOur services are suitable for anyone who wishes to enhance their general health and improve their fertility.
Services available at Golden Gate Fertility Centre:

tickFree consultation and Q&A with the specialist.

tickPsychological counseling

tickFull Fertility evaluations and treatments on both males and females

tickInitial consultation: Infertility evaluation

tickFollow-up infertility treatment, consultation and monitoring

tickFemale infertility treatments

tickMale infertility treatments

tickHormone test

tickBlood test

tickUrine test

tickSemen analysis


tickInfertility cycle treatment and regulation

tickMenstrual cycle monitoring and treatment

tickPregnancy follow up and prevention of pregnancy complications

tickEvaluation and treatment of recurrent miscarriages

tickChinese herbal medication treatment and regulation of general health.

tickAcupuncture treatment

tickTai Chi Quan and nei gong class

tickQi gong class

tickBest confinement chinese herbal treatment plan

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